People profile: Genevieve Saleh, franchisee, Carrara South - QLD

07 March 2019

Career Journey:

I have been a 7-Eleven franchisee for over two years. The best part about being a franchisee is the community and my customers. I have built a great relationship with our customers that I have grown to love like family, as well as the community and our presence in it. Our presence was highlighted through an incident that occurred after a few months of opening my store when a little girl went missing. From the way the community handled this incident an amazing bond and presence was created. It was terrifying at the time, but after 24 hours the girl was found, I cherish that moment for the positive impact that it had within the community and at the store.

The best thing about being a women

I have a laugh with my customers all the time and it maintains a friendly and easy-going environment. I would say I am the typical stereotype of a female that loves all the fashion, make-up and beauty products out there. But also on a serious/personal note, being pregnant and bearing three wonderful children was the most amazing blessing of my life. I had twins (boy and girl) then six years later I had my third child, I always say I have the best of both worlds!

What inspires you?

A person whom I have drawn incredible inspiration from as a mentor, was my branch manager during my time when I worked at a bank.  She was a strong, driven and result orientated leader, but was also very balanced. At work she was able to mentor our team to achieve the nations' highest results. This was a culmination of effective coaching while leading by example. I have adopted and brought these teachings into my own business, mentoring and coaching my team to go the extra mile, while living our core values.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for women when trying to move up or develop their careers?

Throughout my experiences working in male dominated industries, at times I have felt that women are not taken seriously. Sometimes it's difficult to be heard or even understood, and there is this idea that there is a need to 'toughen up,' for me this has made it difficult to progress in my career.

What does the theme of #balanceforbetter this International Women’s Day mean to you

As a female director of my own business I also bring success in many ways. I work side by side with my husband and together we create balance. Working together as professionals produces a recipe for success. We are very different but work as a team, equally responsible for our business goals. When men and women work together equally, it is amazing what can be achieved. As women and men are built differently, combining both outlooks and strengths, while complimenting each other’s weaknesses, we can satisfy any desired potential.