Drop off parcels 24/7 with 7-Eleven ParcelMate

08 September 2019

Australians can now drop off parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with 7-Eleven’s technology led, parcel service. 7-Eleven ParcelMate has just launched a new service in partnership with Toll that allows consumers to send parcels at more than 280 7-Eleven ParcelMate locations nationwide.

7-Eleven Head of Innovation, Strategy and Business Development, Stephen Eyears, said the new service gives customers access to send parcels easily, when and where it’s convenient for them.

“7-Eleven ParcelMate’s service provides customers with convenient, reliable, good value options to post parcels in Australia. Just pop your item in the right size satchel, and pay the relevant flat rate at any 7-Eleven store when you drop off your parcel,” Mr Eyears said.

“We’re keeping it simple. Customers can select either a Regular (1kg) or Large (3kg) satchel to send using our Domestic Standard or Domestic Express service. Our prices are designed to give our customers great value, 1kg domestic standard is $11, 3kg is $14. For express, 1kg is $14 and 3kg is $17.”

Toll’s Global Express President, Bruce Wilson says the service will be delivered by Toll’s high quality service and extensive network to provide 7-Eleven ParcelMate customers with reliable, good value parcel sending options that are convenient to them.

“This is an exciting new offer for consumers. The partnership with 7-Eleven brings a new convenient offer to consumers, allowing them to send parcels when it suits them all backed by the strong delivery service.”

The outbound parcel service is the next evolution of 7-Eleven ParcelMate locker system. 7-Eleven ParcelMate started to rollout in 2018, and currently provides consumers with the ability to collect their parcels at a day and time that suits them.

According to Mr Eyears, 7-Eleven invested in developing its own bespoke system for both parcel sending and parcel pick up to enable the business to better meet the needs of customers.

“Our stores continue to evolve based on our customers’ needs. From our research, there is real customer demand for more choice and reliability in parcel services. Being able to access parcel sending services, or parcel pick-ups, at times and locations that suit consumers will be a compelling addition to our offer,” he said.

Thanks to its innovative technology platform, developed in partnership with HUBBED and Swipbox, 7-Eleven’s ParcelMate parcel pick up service is carrier neutral.

“Our investment in a technology led solution allows us to make our 7-Eleven ParcelMate service even more convenient for customers. We can work with parcel service providers worldwide, and other businesses, to allow them to use our pick up service for their customers,” Mr Eyears said

“Parcel collection services are available at a range of locations with different providers. By investing in developing our own platform, we have the option to work with any delivery partners we choose for parcel pick-ups. The lockers have been installed in 280 stores over the past two years, and we are currently working with our key partner Toll, and also DHL and Couriers Please. We are looking forward to working with a range of parcel services providers and other businesses to provide a new way for them to efficiently meet the needs of their customers.”

By the end of 2019, 7-Eleven ParcelMate lockers will be available in approximately 400 7-Eleven stores nationwide.